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Lizard Lifeboat Day Lizard Cornwall

Lizard Lifeboat Day Cornwall

Lizard Lifeboat Day Lizard Cornwall

The Lifeboat arrives, Lizard Lifeboat Day Cornwall

This year The Lizard Lifeboat Day will take place on Sunday 21st August 2016 at Kilcobben Cove just outside the village of Lizard on the Lizard Peninsula Cornwall and is one of the must do things to do in Cornwall.

There will also be lots going on throughout the day including bbq, refreshments, Raffles, Souvenir sales and fun and games. A great family day out in Cornwall. There are also usually boat tours and a rescue demonstraction.

2015 saw the last ever exercise between the lizard lifeboat and R.N.A.S Culdrose 771 Squadron S.A.R. Helicopter which was definitely worth seeing. We were saddened to hear that 2015 was the Lizard's and all other Cornish Lifeboat days last one with R.N.A.S. Culdrose 771 Search & Rescue Squadron as it is to be disbanded in March 2016 and the service privatised. Obviously not only the Lifeboat Days will be affected by this drastic change but also the fantastic search and rescue services which have been provided by collaboration between the Lifeboats and Culdrose.

The Lizard Lifeboat Day is organised in aid of the RNLI Lizard Lifeboat and to raise funds for the new lifeboat.

Images below are from The Lifeboat Day on 9th August 2009 which was an excellent afternoon out and one we enjoyed very much. The event is all outside so is a dog friendly event in Cornwall as long as you dogs don't mind crowds and loud noises such as helicopters.

On our visit we enjoyed looking at the stalls in the centre of Lizard village selling books, bric a brac and Lifeboat products and then it was all down to Lizard point to watch the staged rescue. The rescue was breathtaking and fantastic to watch. The skill of the lifeboat and Royal Navy Culdrose helicopter crew was amazing to see. The thoughts of these brave people conducting such rescues in stormy weather, with high seas and strong winds is enough to stop you in your tracks. It was excellent to see and I would like to say thank you to all those involved. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Lizard Lifeboat men set off a flare and wait to be rescused Lizard Lifeboat day Cornwall

The Lifeboat Men are dropped into the sea, set off a warning flare and await rescue

The RNLI helicopter arrives to rescue the Lifeboat ment Lizard Lifeboat Day Cornwall

The Royal Navy Helicopter arrives flying over the watching crowd

The Winchman comes to the rescue Lizard Lifeboat day Cornwall

The winch man is lowered from the helicopter to the men in the sea below

The winch man sets about rescuing the Lifeboat men Lizard Lifeboat day Cornwall

The winch man collects the man and they are winched back to the helicopter

Nearly there!  The rescused man reaches the helicopter Lizard Lifeboat day Cornwall

Nearly there!

Lizard Lifeboat rescuse day staged rescue Lizard Cornwall

The Lifeboat stands by as the rescue takes place.

Royal Navy helicopter returns to the Lizard lifeboat to return the Lifeboat men

The helicopter approaches Lizard Lifeboat to winch the lifeboat men back to the boat

The lifeboat man is winched to safety Lizard Lifeboat Day Cornwall

The Lifeboat man is winched back to the Lizard Lifeboat

Rescue Complete the Lizard Lifeboat Lifeboat heads home after the rescue

Rescue Complete!