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Cornwall Dog Guide: Hazards

Cornwall Dog Guide: Hazards

Millie on Fistrall Beach Newquay Cornwall

Millie's Guide to Hazards for Dogs visiting Cornwall

Please remember that there are many hazards for dogs in Cornwall that you may not have at home such as steep cliffs, powerful seas, adders which can bite and kill dogs and toxic waste in the form of Palm Oil which can make dogs very sick and even kill them if eaten. Read more about Palm Oil.

Steep Cliffs

Many of the Cornish Coast walks are along steep cliff edges and each year fellow dogs are killed by falling off cliffs, make sure your owners keep you dogs on a lead near cliff edges to avoid any horrible accidents.

Cornish Sea

The Cornish sea is really good fun and I enjoy a paddle, but the currents can be very strong and the waves powerful making it easy to get into difficulties, make sure your owner is aware of the risk - best not to go in too deep. Dogs may be used to rivers, streams and ponds at home but the cornish sea with powerful waves can be a different story altogether. It is very easy to get caught by a wave or in a strong current and not be able to get back to the beach.


Finally, be aware that some areas in Cornwall have adders (snakes) and these can bite and kill dogs. If a dog gets bitten by a snake it is imperative that it is taken to a vet immediately for treatment otherwise it is very likely it will die.

Adders are known as timid creatures but posses a strong risk to dogs in Cornwall as dogs bound through the grass and can be upon the adder before they know they are coming, causing the adder to react and bite. Adders also lurk around the edges of rabbit holes which is a popular place for dogs also and again they come into contact. Dogs being inquisitive often sniff out the adders and again can end up bitten. Be aware of this risk, which is particularly high in the spring when the first sunny days appear and the adders are waking from hibernation sleepy and more likely to be stood on by a dog. When they wake from hibernation their venom is particularly strong making the bite even more dangerous. Keep your dog near to try to avoid this risk and preferably on a lead. I am not aware of all the places that have adders but can highlight Gwithian and Godrevy, Hayle, Lands End and The Lizard as well as many parts of the Cornish Coast Path. If you think your dog has been bitten take it to a vet immediately.

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